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A small town that honors its heritage and welcomes its future …
a community that is senior citizen friendly and a perfect place to raise a family …
a community where people work together to solve problems and respond to opportunities …

Louisburg is a great place to live, work, shop, and play. We have excellent schools, highly qualified and caring teachers in every classroom, compassionate churches, active civic organizations, an active senior citizens center, effective local government, a strong business community, and an abundance of leisure and recreational opportunities for all ages. We are proud of our history yet we embrace the future. We accept the desirability of growth yet we insist that growth be controlled so that it not destroy the sense of community that brings us together. Explore our website, visit our community, shop in our stores, have a look at our schools, worship in our churches -- we think you will like what you see. If you have questions or suggestions, call or text 913-709-4423 or send an email

If you found this website while searching for a place to live, you have found the right place. Homes are available in all price ranges. Use the search tools below to find a home that fits your family, life style, and budget. There are many reasons to select Louisburg including our outstanding schools that continue to win top awards at the state and national levels. The performance of our students in the classroom, on the athletic fields, in the studio, on stage and behind the debate podium are a source of pride for our entire community. Join us.

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Congratulations to one of Louisburg's new businesses on their third anniversary. If you have been living in Louisburg for a decade or more you will know how far behind we were in terms of access to broadband Internet service in the past. I have tried every available option over the past 20 years and while we made incremental progress along the way it was only when Rick Wagner and his associates set up GoBrolly that I began to feel that I finally had access to a service that was not only fast enough to be called high speed but also was reliable enough that I could rely on it to be there when I needed it. It is rare to find customer service that alerts you when a problem occurs and explains what is being done to restore service quickly AND also what steps they are taking to avoid a repeat of the problem. Thank You GoBrolly.


Reflections on our 3rd Year.
As GoBrolly celebrates our 3rd anniversary, it is time to reflect upon the impact a small bit of competition has made to our communication infrastructure. It is also time to thank the City of Louisburg, and the rural based utilities, for their support in our endeavor. The response from the community has been heartwarming. GoBrolly is growing and going strong, and there is more to come. We want to take the time to say: Thank You!

Three years ago, which is ancient history in the Internet world, the best available Internet in our local community was a DSL that was advertised as “Business Class”, 4 Mbps down x 1 Mbps up, cost $94.00 a month, and you had to add the cost of having a phone line. This connection never ran at 4 Mbps down, and never ran at more than .512 Mbps up. The contract just reads “up to” anyway, so what could you expect?  That was the then definition of “Business Class”. What that really meant was it was “up to” you to figure out how to live with it. Frustration was rampant, and even the other wireless providers at the time could not provide any kind of usable bandwidth for the things you want the Internet for.  Only cell phone companies could deliver any kind of useful bandwidth, but at such a cost! Enter GoBrolly with a completely different mindset. Now, a “Basic” connection is 5 Mbps down x 2.5 Mbps up and actually runs at that rated speed any time of the day or night, no phone line required, and the cost is $29.95 a month!  Just so you know, what GoBrolly considers a real “Business Class” connection is a 12 Mbps x 6 Mbps for only $69.95 per month.  

How we do it?  By design. We designed a network from the Customer perspective up, not from a technology perspective down. We tested and tested before we came to market. We endeavor to under promise and over deliver. All of our connections are set to 110% of contracted speeds so that our Customers actually receive the bandwidth they pay for. We keep our multiple backbone connections tuned to much higher than our peak usage for reliability. We maintain a Customer first perspective for support. We are just trying to be diligent in our approach to providing a needed utility for today’s world. All of which is a completely different approach than any other provider.

So, we want to THANK the City of Louisburg for providing an environment for GoBrolly to excel in. The City knew that for our community to grow and thrive we needed a fix to the communication infrastructure that all other direct attempts had failed to provide. Since GoBrolly, the incumbent provider has actually improved their service, and is making capital improvements to their plant and equipment. That was not believable just two years ago. Another phone company has actually started to install fiber to further expand our options for communications. You just can’t get this kind of economic development by paying for it. It has to come from an environment that is supportive and willing.

We would also like to thank the rural based utilities that have been very supportive of enabling better Internet for their Customers and Members. GoBrolly covers a significant portion of Miami County with the help of those utilities. Together we are bringing true high speed Internet service to the rural communities we all live in. THANK YOU.

So, whether you are a current Customer or not: THANK YOU! And together – we are just getting started.

The friendly Staff at Brolly Communications, Inc.

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